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UT News

An Evolving Museum Opens Again

What was the Texas Memorial Museum Reopens as Texas Science and Natural History Museum this weekend.

A tyrannosaur skull fossil in front of a window and a Texas seal inside a museum


CDC Taps UT for National Disease Outbreak Response Network

Lauren Ancel Meyers and colleagues will help scale up decision-support tools that were successful in earlier outbreaks for use across jurisdictions.

A scientist points to a pandemic model visualization in front of a standing audience

McDonald Observatory

Department of Energy Advances Research and Education at Wootton Center for Astrophysical Plasma Properties

Grant will help center led by Don Winget continue its research and train the next generation of scientists.

Room full of scientific equipment glowing blue and purple


Heartbeat of the Estuary

Philip Souza's research is focused on the sounds that fish along the Texas Gulf Coast make to attract mates or defend territory.

A scientist in a boat wearing headphones and dangles a microphone in the water


AI Tech Accurately Diagnoses Knee Arthritis from Medical Images

Vagheesh Narasimhan and Prakash Jayakumar trained an AI on x-ray images from tens of thousands of people in the UK Biobank.

Two x-rays of knees

Biodiversity Center

Meet the 2023 Stengl-Wyer Scholars, Fellows and Grant Awardees

Three postdoctoral fellows, four graduate students and numerous labs at UT and the Wildflower Center received awards this year.

A scientist kneels in a tree-lined area with marked gardens near equipment as he measures the rate of calcium carbonate precipitation in the soil.

UT News

UT Mourns Pioneer of Computational Mechanics and Founder of Oden Institute

J. Tinsley Oden, the founder of computational mechanics and first director of UT’s related institute, has died.

A man in a cowboy hat and collared black shirt smiles with trees and hills in the background


How to Extend the Shelf Life of Fruits and Vegetables with Science

Hong Qiao, a plant researcher, explains the science behind produce ripening, and how anyone can prolong shelf life.

The ethylene from bananas stored together can even cause each other to ripen faster.

McDonald Observatory

McDonald Observatory Invites Ecological Research as a Texas Field Station

The observatory joins a network of six University of Texas sites dedicated to scientific research, environmental monitoring and conservation efforts.

Two telescope domes sit atop a mountain with more peaks in the distance


Philanthropic Gift Establishes Historic UT Commitment to Monitoring Texas’ Natural Resources

A transformative donation allows for the expansion of a Texas Field Station Network to study biodiversity and sustainability.

A young man in a hat holding equipment leads a group of students down a creek at a Hill Country-based field station