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Giant Tails of Helium Observed Escaping Jupiter-Like Planet

Astronomers used the Hobby-Eberly Telescope (HET) at the McDonald Observatory to discover some of the longest tails of gas yet observed escaping a planet.

An orange swirl of light around a bright yellow star against a purple background


Williamson and York Receive Fulbright Awards

The  Fulbright Program is the U.S. government’s flagship international educational exchange program.

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Vulnerable Neighborhoods Bore Brunt of Pandemic Well into its Second Year

A study in PLOS Computational Biology from University of Texas at Austin epidemiologists examined COVID infection and hospitalization rates by zip code.

A map of Travis County shows different Zip codes in different colors against a grid. Lines intersect higher and lower income areas.

Charles A. Dana Center

Uri Treisman Concludes His Time as Dana Center Executive Director

The mathematician who has led the center since 1987 recently announced a transition at the Charles A. Dana Center.

Uri Treisman wears a cowboy hat, bolo tie and Westhern shirt, smiling in front of a sign that reads The Charles A. Dana Center at The University of Texas at Austin


Graduate Student Selected for DOE Research Program at Sandia National Lab

Adam Christensen will work to refine performance limitations in computing systems.

Adam Christensen


New Imaging Tool Shines a Light on Role of GlycoRNAs in Cancer and Immunity

The previously unknown molecule was just discovered two years earlier and appears to play important roles in health.

Illustration of the ARPLA system detecting glycoRNAs


FDA-Approved RSV Vaccine Enabled by Work of UT Molecular Biologist

Every year, millions of people become sickened by RSV, and more than 100,000 die. New vaccines with a connection to UT Austin may help turn...

A child gets a bandage after receiving a vaccination

Dell Medical School

Moving From Distressed Areas to Better-Resourced Neighborhoods Improves Kids’ Asthma

Roger Peng, a professor in the Department of Statistics and Data Sciences, contributed to a new study of childhood asthma in JAMA.

A family carries boxes into their new home


Depression in LGBTQ Youth Linked with Lack of Parental Support, Controlling Behavior

The study also found whether a young person was out to their parents mattered.

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Page Selected as a Camille Dreyfus Teacher-Scholar for 2023

Selected faculty are within the first five years of their academic careers, possess a strong body of scholarship and exhibit a high regard for education.

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