Room Reservations

Reservation policies and procedures for booking a room in one of the college buildings on the Forty Acres.

How to Request a Room Reservation

The button below takes you to the EMS room reservation system. 

  1. Login using your UT EID. Anyone with a College of Natural Sciences affiliation will automatically be assigned access to CNS buildings and rooms.
  2. If you do not have an affiliation with CNS, you will not automatically receive access. Please contact Arturo Compean, Jr. to request access to the CNS building you’re looking to reserve. 
  3. Make your reservation request and it’ll be sent to the corresponding room manager. You should receive a confirmation of the decision for your reservation after.

Any requests not made with a week’s notice may not be responded to and may not be approved. Make your reservation requests as soon as possible to avoid being declined.

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Youth Policies

Student organization events cannot host unaccompanied minors. Events must be chaperoned. The same would apply to faculty and staff across the university. Those seeking to host a program/event in which chaperones are NOT present must formally register with the Youth Protection Program office and complete a number of requirements set by the YPP. You may contact them at, or visit their website.

Rooms with Special Policies

All Rooms

All rooms must be kept tidy and cleaned after use of the room. Furniture is not to be moved unless specifically allowed. Use of a room without a confirmed reservation is prohibited. If there is any accidental spills or messes created in the room, please contact 512-471-2020.

Molecular Biosciences Area

If you’re requesting a room in the Molecular Biosciences area, please use the CNS Molecular Biosciences (MBB, NMS, NHB) Rooms template. If you want to serve more than light refreshments at your event, please fill out a Facilities Request to clean up after. Submit a copy of your facilities request by attaching a file to the reservation request.

NHB 1.720 use policy: This room is not to be used for scheduling regular courses offered by any academic units. Food and drink are not allowed inside of the seminar room but can be consumed in the hallway or outside.

NMS 1.210 has some equipment failure. Please bring your own device (laptop, iPad, etc.) to use the projector.

Outdoor Areas – WEL Patio and NHB Loggia

The outdoor areas are located in the CNS Outdoor Areas template on EMS.

The NHB Loggia is available from 8:0011:30 a.m. and 1:306:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. Reservations will include a 15-minute set up and clean up. Please do not move the furniture. Note: Due to the type of research conducted in NHB, there are very strict noise restrictions in the building, so mics, speakers or any other amplified noise are not allowed on the NHB Loggia.

Norman Hackerman Building

With the exception of NHB 1.720, room priority is given to building occupants for faculty, staff and lab meetings. Student requests for study sessions or TA hours are not allowed. After-hours access to the building is restricted.

Peter O’Donnell, Jr. Building

POB’s Avaya Auditorium and conference rooms are reservable as-is. There will not be any A/V or IT assistance at this time as we prepare for upgrades.

Robert A. Welch Hall

Classes, faculty and staff will have priority in these rooms. Graduate students and CNS student organizations registered with the Student Life Office may request use of these spaces and may use them only with a confirmed reservation. Student organizations may email a request with two week’s notice of the following information to with cc’d.

Student Organization Name:
Name of Event:
Purpose of Event:
Expected Attendance:
Room Preference:

Welch Hall closes reservations at 9:00 p.m. All rooms must be vacated at this time. Food is not allowed in the classrooms and conference rooms. Please shut the door after your reservation ends.

T.S. Painter Hall

PAI 4.28 and PAI 5.41 are not available for reservations by students.

Checking Your Reservation Status

After logging into EMS, head over to “MY EVENTS” on the left hand side of your navigation bar. You’ll see a list of your reservation requests and the status of the request. If it is showing as “web request,” your reservation is still pending.

Updating a Reservation

After logging into EMS, head over to “MY EVENTS” on the left hand side of your navigation bar. You'll be given a list of your reservations. Click on the name of your reservation you are trying to change. You have many options to update your reservation details, cancel your reservation, cancel specific booking dates or add new booking dates.


If you’re unable to get in touch with the room manager or would like to have your rooms added to EMS, please contact the EMS Department Administrator Arturo Compean, Jr.