TIP Office
Flawn Academic Center (FAC) 334

Mailing Address
Texas Interdisciplinary Plan (TIP)
Flawn Academic Center (FAC) 334
2304 Whitis Avenue, F2500
The University of Texas at Austin
Austin, TX 78712
T: 512-232-6493
F: 512-232-2800


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Walking into the TIP office as a freshman is a little intimidating, at least I felt that way my first time during orientation. Now I go in there to print PowerPoint’s for class, talk to my UGS professor, or simply to study in a relaxing atmosphere. I am always greeted by the office assistant and advisors who work in the office. TIP really does what it says it does—it helps new students feel more comfortable in their classes and talking to professors. It does not take long to feel like a part of the TIP community as a result of its atmosphere and if you have trouble adjusting, TIP is a building block to your success.
Olivia M.
English Major, Class of 2016
Grand Prairie, Texas

What I love about TIP is how your TIP group becomes more than a group that learns about on-campus resources, study tricks, stress relieving tips, and cool places on campus to hang out, study, or meet up with friends for a quick bite to eat. It becomes a group of friends learning about themselves and each other. Your TIP group is a group of friends who support you through good and bad while you figure out who you are, where you’re going, and how you’re going to get there.
Amanda R.
English Major, Class of 2015
Dallas, Texas

Being a TIP Scholar opened many doors for me. I got the opportunity to develop close relationships, leadership skills, and good memories that will accompany me forever. TIP is a tight-knit community every member can always count on for guidance and support. Even after completing my freshman year as a TIP Scholar I know I can go back to the TIP office anytime for just about anything. Those are just some of the reasons I love TIP and would highly recommend it to anyone seeking an awesome college experience.
Carola G.
International Relations & Global Studies and Journalism (Double Major)
2011 TIP cohort

What I love about TIP is how it has helped me transition into college life. When I arrived at the University of Texas my freshman year, I had no idea what I wanted to do or how I was supposed to get there. Through the mentoring program with both peers and staff, specialized undergraduate classes and programs, and a well-developed community, I have found a sense purpose for my own life. No matter what you do, or where you go, you will always have the support of TIP behind you. The benefits from this program cannot be quantified enough; to really understand them they must be personally experienced!
Eric B.
English Major, Class of 2016
Lubbock, Texas

TIP Scholars was the greatest thing that happened to me my freshman year! I had an amazing mentors, amazing fellow mentees, and the TIP staff is amazing as well! I would not have taken back the experience for anything. There was tutoring all the time, classes were smaller than the normal freshman classes, and I was able to meet all of my classmates that we have as fellow TIP Scholars.
Schuyler D.
Cultural Anthropology Major, Pre-PA, Class of 2015
Denton, Texas

At one of the nation’s largest universities, you’re bound to find yourself with many questions and not know where to go or who to ask. With TIP, my college transition was comfortable, thanks to it’s amazing team of advisers, mentors, and tutors. Moreover, I was able to establish important professional relationships with my professors with the reduced student to faculty ratio. The TIP office continues to be my favorite place on campus: whether you’re doing homework, playing Jenga, or just coming to hang out, this place is home. Above all, TIP was the origin of my first sense of community here at UT. Thank you, TIP!
Ali M. R.
Public Health Major, Class of 2016
Houston, Texas

TIP is not only an academic program, but it’s also a family! The resources offered by TIP helped me with transitioning into college and gave me an opportunity to serve others. I love TIP for the following reasons: the friendly and caring TIP staff, being able to study and hang out at the TIP office, reserved seating and smaller classes, free tutoring, free printing, free snacks at the office (sometimes), the really cool T-shirts, TIPCO, and my wonderful mentees!
Fiona I.
Undeclared Natural Sciences/ Pre-pharmacy, Class of 2015
Grand Prairie, Texas

TIP has definitely shaped my college career thus far at UT. As a senior, I can look back at my freshman year and say that it went incredibly smooth because of the smaller setting within a large college that TIP provided me. The small classes gave me the chance to really interact with other students and start to develop relationships with professors. This environment is like a home away from home because TIP truly is a close knit family. There is so much support and guidance from the mentors & faculty and it’s hard to find that as a freshman. I’ve met so many students in the TIP Program that I consider some of my closest friends and will be for many years to come. I’ll never forget this experience and I would recommend it to everyone!
Maurine S.
Microbiology/Pre-Med, Class of 2014
Allen, Texas

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