Courses in the College of Natural Sciences are demanding. To help you prepare for college-level chemistry courses at UT Austin, the College of Natural Sciences (CNS) and the Department of Chemistry require the readiness package. The package provides personal and computer-based support as you review topics in preparation for Chemistry 301.

ALEKS Chemistry

We recommend that complete the initial ALEKS Chemistry Assessment before you arrive for Orientation. You are required to take the Chemistry Warm-up before purchasing ALEKS.

After purchasing ALEKS Chemistry, you will have 6 weeks to work in the learning mode in ALEKS to improve your score. You may also utilize the Quest learning materials to increase your Chemistry knowledge. You must earn an 85% on ALEKS Chemistry by August 14 at 11:59 pm or you will be dropped from CH301.

If your learning modules have expired, and you have not achieved your required score it is recommended that you work through the learning modules in Quest to improve your areas of weakness and then reassess in ALEKS. Please do not repurchase the package, as it will not grant further access to the learning modules. CNS will not issue refunds if you repurchase ALEKS. If you have additional questions or concerns, please send an email to with your EID, or call us at 512-471-3797. 


Review with a Chemistry warm-up (required)

Follow this link to purchase the UT Chemistry Assessment Package.

You will need your EID and a credit card to purchase the UT Chemistry Assessment package. If you have not completed the warm up, you will not be able to check out.

You may access the ALEKS Chemistry Assessment here.

  • Expect the assessment to take 1.5 to 2 hours to complete, so plan accordingly.
  • You must finish the initial assessment once you have started it. After you have finished the initial assessment, you may work in the learning modules.
  • Paper and pencil will be needed.
  • A calculator and necessary tables will be provided by ALEKS when needed, thus you should not use your own.
  • You may not use books, other materials, the Internet, or consult with anyone during the assessment.

Utilize the ALEKS Chemistry Learning Modules and UT online resources to increase your knowledge of Chemistry topics considered to be UT prerequisite course material.